The Fossil Collection


The Fossil Collection consists of a spectacular collection of the local Jurassic marine fossils ranging from the tiniest microfossil to the largest Ichthyosaur and most things in between.

There is a large collection of Ichthyosaurs with highlights being the Diving Ichthyosaur and the Langdon Ichthyosaur which is probably the largest Ichthyosaur to be discovered in Lyme Regis.

There are hundreds of ammonites of all different shapes and sizes. Of particular interest are the Nautilus specimens that were home for families of ammonites.

You can explore the Belemnite collection and see how there is enormous variety of these fossils in Lyme.

There are oysters and wood and lobsters and crinoids and starfish and…

I have included exotic additions from around the world to make special points.

The Holzmaden Crinoid is a fossil of unbelievable beauty for comparison with the Lyme crinoids.

There is a collection of Chinese dinosaurs, a range of Dinosaur eggs and a 73 kg lump of dinosaur dung!

The Russian trilobite collection is just sheer indulgence!